Guide to Authors of each journal describes how to prepare a contribution for submission in the journals published by the Asian Network for Scientific Information. We strongly recommend to the contributors to read Guide to Authors carefully before submission of their manuscripts. It is also recommended to check the latest issue of the journal (online) for a better understanding of the current style of the published manuscripts.

Asian Network for Scientific Information is a publisher of scholarly open access journals. All journals uphold a peer-reviewed, rapid, and rigorous manuscript handling and editorial process.

ANSI journals are the perfect place for you to publish your work under an open access license, in a fast and straightforward manner. Our journals are indexed in the leading databases and, since they are open access, have a broad readership.

Submission of a manuscript, according to the Guide to Author will ensure that your submission will receive the attention it deserves, and also reduce the chances of delays due to improper submission.

Please click on the journal’s name from the following list to view the full guide to authors

No. Journal Name ISSN
1 Asian Journal of Algebra 1994-540x
2 Asian Journal of Animal Sciences 1819-1878
3 Asian Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1992-1470
4 Asian Journal of Crop Science 1994-7879
5 Asian Journal of Dermatology 1996-3424
6 Asian Journal of Developmental Biology 1996-0727
7 Asian Journal of Epidemiology 1992-1462
8 Asian Journal of Industrial Engineering 1996-3386
9 Asian Journal of Materials Science 1996-3394
10 Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics 1994-5418
11 Asian Journal of Nematology 1996-403x
12 Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 1682-3974
13 Asian Journal of Rural Development 1996-336x
14 Asian Journal of Scientific Research 1992-1454
15 Asian Journal of Textile 1819-3358
16 Biotechnology 1682-296x
17 Current Research in Bacteriology 1994-5426
18 Current Research in Chemistry 1996-5052
19 Hematologia 2224-1566
20 Information Technology Journal 1812-5638
21 International Journal of Botany 1811-9700
22 International Journal of Chemical Technology 1996-3416
23 International Journal of Dairy Science 1811-9743
24 International Journal of Meat Science 2071-7113
25 International Journal of Oceanography and Marine Ecological System 2224-249x
26 International Journal of Osteoporosis and Metabolic Disorders 1994-5442
27 International Journal of Pharmacology 1811-7775
28 International Journal of Poultry Science 1682-8356
29 International Journal of Thermal and Fluid Sciences 2225-3556
30 Journal of Agronomy 1812-5379
31 Journal of Applied Sciences 1812-5654
32 Journal of Artificial Intelligence 1994-5450
33 Journal of Biological Sciences 1727-3048
34 Journal of Entomology 1812-5670
35 Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 1994-7887
36 Journal of Food Resource Science 2224-3550
37 Journal of Medical Sciences 1682-4474
38 Journal of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences 2224-2503
39 Journal of Software Engineering 1819-4311
40 Microbiology Journal 2153-0696
41 Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 1028-8880
42 Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 1680-5194
43 Plant Pathology Journal 1812-5387
44 Research Journal of Immunology 1994-7909
45 Research Journal of Mutagenesis 1994-7917
46 Research Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1996-5044
47 Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1994-7925
48 The International Journal of Applied Economics and Finance 1991-0886
49 Trends in Agricultural Economics 1994-7933
50 Trends in Bioinformatics 1994-7941
51 Trends in Molecular Sciences 1994-5469