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Asian Journal of Textile
eISSN: xxxx-xxxxx
pISSN: 1819-3358

Editor-in-Chief:  L. Ammayappan
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Published on December 15, 2016
Ramie Fibre Processing and Value Addition
Seiko Jose, S. Rajna and P. Ghosh
Ramie fibre comes under bast fibre category, which can be classified as underutilised fibres. The high potential of ramie fibre is not fully exploited due to various techno-economic reasons. It is one of the strongest natural fibres having rich cellulose content. Apart from textile uses, ramie fibre can be utilised for the production of various diversified products. The inherent draw backs of ramie fibre can be overcome by proper blending with natural/synthetic fibres. Still in present scenario, there is much scope for research and development on this valuable fibre. This study briefs the extraction, mechanical processing, fibre properties and value addition of ramie fibre.

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