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Information Technology Journal
eISSN: 1812-5646
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Editor-in-Chief:  Shakil Akhtar
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Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Marketing through Mobile Phones: A Case Study of South African University Students
Gift Donga, Armstrong Kadyamatimba, Stanislous Zindiye and Tererai Chibonda
Background and Objective: Consumer mobile phone adoption is exponentially on the rise especially to youths and offers marketers with many new opportunities to reach and serve customers. However, the literature concerning acceptance of mobile marketing in developing countries is currently under represented. This study was designed to assess some factors influencing consumers’ willingness to participate in mobile marketing among university students in South Africa. Materials and Methods: The quantitative research technique was applied with data being collected from respondents by a self-administered questionnaire targeted at youthful students from selected South African universities. This study was guided by the positivist which paradigm ensured that there was a gap between the researcher’s subjective bias and the objective reality being studied. Results: Findings from this study revealed some negative consumers’ perception towards mobile marketing acceptance by the South African university students. Trust and privacy concerns were established to be the most influencing factors affecting consumers’ willingness to participate in mobile marketing. Results from the study can be used to monitor decision making towards mobile advertisements and marketing planning. Conclusion: Despite the negative students’ perception, mobile marketing continues to experience a surge and marketers as well as mobile service providers need to come up with mechanisms aimed at stimulating consumer mobile marketing acceptance. Some of the key recommendations from this study include: proper market segmentation, fostering socialisation and communication, creation of captivating messages and promoting permission-based advertisements.

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