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Asian Journal of Plant Sciences
eISSN: 1812-5697
pISSN: 1682-3974

Editor-in-Chief:  Sayyada Khatoon
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Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on the Growth and Redox Homeostasis of Salt-stressed Mustard Plants
Naveed Gulzar, Mohammad Yaseen Mir and Saima Hamid
Background and Objective: Salt stress brings about a considerable change in the physiological and biochemical processes which significantly hampers the growth and productivity of the plants to a greater extent. Materials and Methods: Indian mustard was chosen as plant material. The seeds were washed thoroughly with water and surface sterilized with 0.01% mercuric chloride and washed again with distilled water prior to sowing in the pots containing a mixture of sand and vermiculite (1:1). Four different treatments were given to 20 days-old plants viz. NaCl (T1), NaCl+N (T2), NaCl+P (T3) and NaCl+N+P (T4). Standard methodology was utilized to carry out the research. Results: In the present study four experimental lines were set up simultaneously viz. NaCl (T1), NaCl+N (T2), NaCl+P (T3) and NaCl+N+P (T4). The treatments include 50 mM Nacl, 100 mM Nitrogen and 100 mM Phosphorus. The T4 samples showed significant results with respect to NaCl stressed plants. Conclusion: Thus our results suggest that overall growth and productivity of the salt stressed plants can be improved by the combined application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.

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