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Research Journal of Mutagenesis
eISSN: xxxx-xxxx
pISSN: 1994-7917

Editor-in-Chief:  Adel Sharaf Al-Zubairi
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Aims & Scope
Research Journal of Mutagenesis is an international multi-disciplinary journal designed to bring together research aimed at the identification, characterization and elucidation of the mechanisms of action of physical, chemical and biological agents capable of producing genetic change in living organism and the study of the consequences of such changes. Scope of the journal includes: Fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis, genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis, responses to DNA damage and other aspects of genomic stability.

About Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Adel Sharaf Al-Zubairi is presently working as Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Department of Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Al-Baha University, Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia. He worked as Principal Post Doctorate Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Cancer Research MAKNA-UPM, IBS, University Putra Malaysia (2007-2009) and Post Doctorate Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Cancer Research MAKNA-UPM, IBS, UPM, Malaysia. He received his PhD degree in Molecular Biology in 2007 at Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. His PhD thesis title: “Biochemical and Mutagenic Effects of “khat” (Catha edulis) in rats”. His prior work experience includes Medical Laboratory Specialist, Research Assistant, Demonstrator, Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at different institutions. He is also 6 patents holder. He attended many trainings/workshops. He published 56 Academic writings in national and international journals and conferences. He is serving as regional editor/associate editor/editorial board/reviewer in more than 15 journals. He also received many research awards. His research interests are in cytogenetics, genotoxicity assessment, cancer research, mechanism of action of anticancer drugs, anticancer drug discovery from natural products, lipid peroxidation and free radical generation.

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