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Information Technology Journal
eISSN: 1812-5646
pISSN: 1812-5638

Editor-in-Chief:  Shakil Akhtar
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Guide for Authors
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Guide for Authors
Preparing the Manuscript
The purpose of the Guide to Authors is to provide instructions and guidelines that will assist authors, editors, and reviewers in preparing material for publication in Information Technology Journal. The style guidelines presented here should be followed by authors preparing a scientific research papers for publication in Information Technology Journal.

Manuscripts that do not adhere to the following instructions will be returned to the corresponding author for technical revision before undergoing peer review.

Papers should be in English, double spaced and single sided on 8.5" x 11" or A4 paper with generous margins (at least 1" / 2.5cm). Emphasize any special points in a covering letter from the submitting author.

Every manuscript submitted should be clearly labeled as being either:

• Research article
• Review article

The total number of pages should be listed.

Structure papers as follows: (a) Title page; (b) Title plus abstract on the next page (omitting author details); (c) Keywords; (d) Text; (e) References; (f) Figure and table legends; (g) Figures and (h) Tables.

Title page
On a separate title page list:

• title and full names of all authors
• corresponding author's name
• full postal address
• telephone
• fax
• email
• suggestion for a short running title of no more than 40 characters (including spaces)
• acknowledgements of research support along with grant numbers (if applicable).

Title plus abstract
Include, on a separate page, no more than 250 words that adequately describe the work and highlight its significance. The abstract should include only text. Avoid the use of abbreviations and references.

For the purposes of blind review, the title page with author details is stripped out by the Editorial Office, so this page is the first to be seen by reviewers.

Include up to six keywords that describe your paper for indexing and for web searches.

Main headings should be typed in capitals, subheadings in lower case. Both types of heading should be underlined. Footnotes should be avoided.

Equations should be typewritten and with the number placed in parentheses at the right margin. Reference to the equation should use the form 'Eq. (3)' or '(3)'.

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