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Journal of Biological Sciences
eISSN: 1812-5719
pISSN: 1727-3048

Editor-in-Chief:  Mehmet Ozaslan
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Guide for Authors
A paper may be returned to the corresponding author for no other reason than that it suffers due to poor English. Papers must be understandable and communicate an unambiguous message. The editors and staff can make only a limited number of edits, and it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain help from a colleague who is fluent in English if that is needed. Most problems occur when there are nuances in meaning, and the authors bear the primary responsibility for clarity. Poor English may ultimately be a reason to refuse a paper.

Language Editing Services
Science Alert is very much concerned about the clarity and professionalism of your manuscript. Our database shows that a large number of research articles were rejected due to a number of grammatical mistakes. Science Alert has successfully negotiated with American Journal Experts, Bioscience Editing Solutions, Editage and Enago to provide language editing services to our authors at competitive rates.

Non English authors may contact with American Journal Experts, Bioscience Editing Solutions, Editage or Enago for professional scientific editing services before submission or after acceptance of their manuscripts to eliminate (minimize) the chances of rejection due to poor English.

Note: Use of an English language editing service from American Journal Experts, Bioscience Editing Solutions, Editage or Enago is not mandatory, and will not guarantee acceptance or preference for publication in Science Alert journals.

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